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For Havre Fras

With Karen Sahl Jeppsen


Find the appropriate target group and create a campaign for them, based on data from research.

We found our taget group to be 30 to 59 year olds with kids and that the most important attribute in a breakfast, is ease in preparation.



We created a campaign intended to target 30 to 59 year olds with kids and tell them that Havre Fras understands the stress of having to go through the "World Cup Christmas" in 2022, as well as offering them a helping hand during their Christmas shopping.

Havre Fras introduces Fras Bold. A football-happening, inviting kids to come and play while their parents take care of the Christmas shopping in the most popular shopping spots around Denmark. Communication was set up to reach parents as text-ads in parking lots and city centres, as well as on SoMe where we also created a hub for the kids to connect and engage.