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For Børns Vilkår

With Max Knutsson


Come up with an idea and bring it to life


Surveys of danish 9th graders show, that 69% feel negative pressure of tests, exams and grades. Further studies reveal indications that students become familiar with mental illness far more and far earlier, than it has ever been recorded. The problem seems that grades have become more important than actually learning, to the faculty that governs it.


We set out to create a conversation starter, that could help Børns Vilkår raise awareness about the rise in mental disorders in young students.

We wanted to create a symbolic piece, which on it's own, could tell the story of a generation.

This is what happened.


After we settled on an idea and how to execute it, we had to figure out how to do it. The very first step, was to visualise it, so we could start executing.

3D printing

Then came converting the design into 3D and, first figuring out how a 3D printer works and then, print, shape and paint.


As with most creative projects, we ran into a sea of odd challenges but long days (and nights) ultimately paid off.

And finally, "STEMPLET"

The symbol represents a persisting issue within the Danish schooling system, where young students are under immense pressure to succeed.


This pressure can negatively impact their mental health for years to come. It is a cause that "Børns Vilkår" is dedicated to fighting against, which is why we chose to dedicate the project to them.

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